Friday, 2 April 2010

Burcham Street in East End Life...29.03.2010

HARCA Life - press coverage

Memories are made of this ...local memories

During the consultation process residents and regulars of the Centre were asked to post their memories into a post box....

There was also a timeline created to chart the key events from the club...more images from this to come...

Friday, 5 February 2010

The next generation...

Young people from the Aberfeldy youth group working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards have begun coming to the Centre to discuss how they can support the over 50's members create a community garden space in the currently under used green space at Burcham Street.
Dressed to impress, goldfingers and all the group showed the party goers some of their moves and got totally engrossed with the Shirley Bassey impersonator...who was amazing!

Coming soon is a consultation process funded by the Bow Arts Trust & Poplar HARCA live/work Arts Chest working intergenerationally to discover what ideas and designs the groups have for the garden space....

Lisa Bojeng, Youth Service Manager is responsible for inspiring the group to get so involved and part of the process of creating more activities in the Centre for the different groups working with Jayne.

Lisa B...dressed to kill!

Jeanie Zeap - the Queen of Burcham Street

Jeanie Harrison and her daugther announcing a presentation to Jeanie Zeap who since 1978 has run the Burcham Street Centre, inspired members to keep coming back year after year, called the Bingo, done the books, swept the floor - you name she has done it!

Queen Jeanie!!

And not forgetting how much of an impact Jayne Clavering has made to the Centre since she started working her - yes Princess of Burcham Street!

Party goers...

Shirley Bassey hits Burcham Street!!